lunastation are currently putting the final touches to their first collection of demos, namely the "[hair.positions demos]".  The intention is to complement this with a few further demo compilations, each one exploring a different avenue of lunastation's approach to creating sound.  Conceptual work has begun around a number of ideas, some examples of which may become available here soon.

Keep checking back for more up-to-date information in the news section. 
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Tracks showing a symbol are available to download freely.  Please share using any P2P software at your disposal.  Right-click the track title and select "Save Target As..." to download.  Light up, lie back and listen.
[hair.positions demos] 2004/2005 lunaCD001 - WORK IN PROGRESS
  This track list is subject to change.

1. hair.positions
2. broken business robot
3. cathode ray sunset
4. apathetic symphony
Current work includes a video set to the hair.positions soundscape.  It is intended that this will become the official incarnation of the track.  No completion date is looking likely in the near future, but when this or any other video work does appear we will make it available here via BitTorrent.